August 17th, 2012

glee klaine

Any Recs of Kurt or Blaine get kicked out?

I'm looking for recs of any of them getting kicked out when they come out to their families or just fathers, it really does'nt matter just of them getting kicked out or being hated by their fathers.
It could have a happy end like, their families understood them or whatever ;)

Blaine: PTSD from Sadie Hawkins night

I haven't really found anything when looking through the bullying tags. I'm hoping to find some stories where Blaine experiences PTSD from his Sadie Hawkins dance gay bashing. Preferably when he's with Kurt, either as Klaine or pre-relationship.


I just read "A Crash Course In Falling" and wondering if there are more out there like that one.  I do prefere Puck/Kurt, however, I well take other Kurt pairings.  Also if there is Mpreg once to. multiple chapters and complete. Wip's fine as long as they are updated often.  thank you.   


Looking for a Klaine break up fix with happy ending

I'm looking for a Klaine break up fic, in which they met again after five years during Tina and David Wedding.

I think I remember that Blaine just broke up with some Ollie guy.

Thank You in advance for your help

found: The Luckies". Masterpost be here: