August 12th, 2012

Dead Like Me: meh

Found: Kurt and Blaine camping in the Anderson's backyard


I'm read a fic recently and cannot seem to relocate it. It was a Kurt/Blaine story, maybe done in a "5 times +1" format, but I can't remember specifically.

The one scene I do remember from it came late in the story. It was the end of the summer and Kurt and Blaine decide for whatever reason I can't recall to pitch a tent at the edge of the Anderson's backyard. I remember Blaine getting miffed because Kurt was better at it than he was, and then later Blaine brings out an old kiddie pool for them to soak their feet it. One line of dialogue I remember was something along the lines of "why are we doing this, we are the least outdoorsy couple ever."

This scene popped back into my head and won't leave until I re-read that story. Will somebody please help me scratch my brain itch? Thanks.

ETA: Found by a kind anon. It is from The Monsters Under the Bed by cooperblainey.
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AU fic: Blaine is famous and Kurt is not (Klaine fic)


I just finished reading the "Chances are" serie by Slayerkitty and I'm looking for more fics where Blaine is a famous star (movie, singer...) and meets and fall in love with Kurt (still in high school or college or just working but not famous)

I hope you'll have lots of stories to share with me!