August 6th, 2012

Looking for a specific klaine fic

Hy! this is my first time posting hoping I do it right.  I'm looking for a specific klaine fanfic where Kurt meets Blaine during the summer after being ignore by his friends (Mercedes) and dates him. I remember Blaine introducing him to his friends and their girlfriends.  Also, Kurt going shopping with their girlfriends and meeting Rachell and introducing them to her (who is also lonely).  I think there is also a part where they invite Rachell and Kurt to a pool party and Finn goes with Rachell.  I don't think Finn's mother is married to Burt yet, not sure.  
Hope you can help me guys and thanks in advance for any help!     Found!!!!!

misdiagnosis of Kurt or Blaine

Hi, I am looking for fic recs where either Kurt or Blaine are misdiagnosed with a deadly disease.If the fic also contains elements of the bullying story about Kurt or about Blaine being bullied, that is a plus. Also if the stories include the Hudsons and Kurt's dad so much the better. Bonus if Blaine (or Kurt if Blaine is the one with the disease) are extra protective, or if the Hudsons are protective. Please only Klaine pairing. Also no character death. Thanks!

More & More Kurt-Centric Recs!


It has been a long time since I looked for something again! Okay, possibly not that long but still pretty long. Anyway, I was hoping some people can give me recs for:

1) Musically inclined/Artistic/Model/VVIP Kurt. Any or all will do.

2) Jealous/Possesive fic! Boyfriend or soon-to-be boyfriend is preferred to be the jealous/possesive one.

3) Time fic! The 5 to 1 or 5 times Kurt..... kind of fics.

4) New Directions bashing! It doesn't have to all of the ND (a few can be excluded) but I looking for where the Wablers or the Cheerios or the football or a solo person (can be the excluded ND) to verbal smack ND down. I'm also looking for where they, the people stated above protect Kurt from ND.

5)  Kurtana and Pummel friendship fic! It can even be Noah and Kurt together with a side of Santana friendship.

6) Leader Kurt! Like you know, if he quits, everyone else quits too or if he says quite down, they do or everyone just sides with him. I would take him taking over the school/world too ^_^

If there is any Kurt pairing, I hope it's slash and I prefer to avoid Kurt/Finn, Kurt/Burt, and Kurt/Will.

Sorry for the really long post...

Please and thank you to those for give me recs.

*I think my tags are right, right?*

Puck/Kurt in britney/madonna video

specific puck/kurt fic

Hi! This has been driving me crazy all day - i remember reading a puckurt fic with a bit where puck finds out about Kurt blowing the defying gravity note, and he tells kurt he should have hit the note and then refused to do the song. Kurt thinks its a good idea, and then does it for a three part song in glee after he pulls it off perfectly and Rachel is jealous and angry about it. Hope someone knows it! Thanks in advance!

Puckurt General Search and Specific Fic Search

1) Specific Fic - I was reminded today of a Puck/Kurt fic I read a while back where Puck chose to keep Beth and raise her. His mother found out and kicked him out and he went to live with Kurt and Burt. Burt hired Puck as a mechanic and later Puck and Beth moved into an apartment above the garage. Kurt and Puck start a relationship and Kurt helps Puck raise Beth. I remember a scene where Beth asked something along the lines of "Are you my Daddy?" or "will you be my daddy?" to Kurt when they were at a piano(?) or I could be mixing that up with another story along the same line... can't be sure. At the end I believe Burt thought of Beth as his granddaughter. That's all I can remember. 

2) General Fic Search - I am looking for Puckurt fics that revolve around Puck raising Beth with Kurt's help or them in a relationship and Kurt treating Beth like his daughter as well. I'll also accept fics where Puck is raising an OC daughter/son and gets in a relationship with Kurt. Basically I want Puckurt with a side of Kid!fic and Kurt being another parent to Puck's child(ren). I prefer first-time fics that have NC-17 ratings, but will accept any rating. Also, the longer the fic the better... oh, and a long series of fics is good as well . 

Thanks in advance!