August 5th, 2012

Mental Finn Story

Ok people so someone asked about this story a year ago: Looking for a story from where Finn decides he needs to protect his new family no matter how. He thinks Kurt's behavior can be a threat, so he tries to make Kurt to be less flaming. Carole and Burt come home from wedding only to see Finn smothering Kurt. Kurt is in hospital, has problems with feeling changes of temperature because of nerves damage. Finn is in mental hospital, he's sure he had done right thing and he knows he has to act like he feels guilty, because it's only way to be released.
On the post it said that it was found; but when i went to click on the story title it showed a Code 1 error. I'm thinking that may have deleted the story during their mass deleting phase. Does anyone know if the story was posted somewhere else? The story was called "The Song That Starts to Make Sense" Also does someon know who originally wrote it?

Thanks in advance for the help!!!

Kurt had shizophrenia?

My computer crashed, so I lost a lot of my stories. I have already found a lot back, but there is this one, and I just cannot seem to find it :(

I'm sure Kurt had shizophrenia, altho I'm not entirely sure they said it in the story. These are the things I remember:

+ Kurt had a jonger brother, who was jealous because Burt spent more attention to Kurt

+Blaine was in the story too, he was in the hospital because he had surgery for his legs (he had something wrong with them) and that's where he and Kurt met (Kurt was just released from the mental ward)

+ Kurt had like these 'visions' and he called them number 7 (this was the good one) and then another one who was the bad one

+Puck and Mercedes appeared in some chapters too, they were the ones who could calm Kurt down now and then.

SO I really hope someone knows which one I'm talking about, because I really, really want it back :(

thanks in advance!

Specific - 5 times + 1 fic about Kurt and his views on consent

Hello! The fic I'm looking for was a 5 times +1 fic, I think it was 5 times Kurt thought that if one person in a relationship wants to have sex then the other must comply, and one time he realized that's not how it works.

One of these times was about Blaine, another was with Rachel in New York and the +1 was Kurt finding Rachel being assaulted by her boyfriend and helping her.

I'm pretty sure the fic was on the angst meme. 

(I hope I will do the tags right, my first time posting!)

ND Sleepovers / Bike Chanderson friendship fics


I'm looking for any fics where New Directions, or some of New Directions, boys or girls, have sleepovers. In particular I'm looking for Klaine, but gen is fine too.

I'm also looking for any Bike Chanderson friendship fics. I haven't been able to find many :(

'Verse, Klaine with Wes and David?

I've looked everywhere, but I can't remember what this verse is called, or who wrote it, but it's a verse that is klaine centric but Wes and David keep turning up in it, and they are freaking hilarious in it, and I think, I don't know if I have this mixed up, but in one part of it, Kurt hurts his ankle in the snow and Blaine carries him? I know it's vague but I'm sure that's a part of it.

Sorry it's so vague, but I hope someone knows what I am talking about!

Thanks in advance!

Littlepinklola found it! In the comments :)