July 30th, 2012

looking for selfish rachel and asshole finn fics and eating disorder blaine stories


1 i'm looking for klaine or individual kurt and blaine stories were there is rachel or/and finn bashing and they hurt klaine
2 and i want stories were blaine is the one with a eating disorder and not kurt

p.s first time doing this so sorry if it goes wrong

Klaine infidelity fic; Kurtbastian

I'm looking for a fic I read a month or two ago where Kurt and Blaine are dating, but Blaine is completely oblivious to how unhappy Kurt is. Kurt starts cheating with Sebastian and hints at it to Blaine who, of course, just isn't getting it. Kurt eventually breaks up with Blaine by telling him he was cheating. I've been looking for this fic for weeks, HELP!!!! I know it's kind of vague but anyone who can point me to it will have my undying gratitude :)

P.S. Sorry if I tag incorrectly or miss one, I'm brand-spanking new at this, lol.
Main Pik

Kurt wing fics

Hi im looking for a wing fic of kurt

The few things that i remember of if, is that blaines dad got a pet(wing kurt) for him.

I remember one scene is that blaines mom asks kurt to help her in the kitchen and they were talking and having an alright time, then kurt had dropped a plate and went into frenzy. Blaines mom had called him down to get kurt and to stop him from panicing. It took alot of force to get kurt to stop and listen.

Im not to sure if its dom!blaine & sub/wing kurt...

It would be helpful if anyone can find this, i had lost the story on my ipod when i had reset it.

And the story was on FF.net if that helps.

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