July 28th, 2012

Specific Kurt-Centered Season 2 AU After Grilled Cheesus

Hi I was looking for a Kurt centered AU where Burt dies in Grilled Cheesus and his Grandmother is the one who takes him in and he sort of shuts everyone at McKinley out of his life and that's when he transfers to Dalton and meets Blaine. I know it's a one shot and that he and Blaine get together during it and that Blaine sort of brings him back. I also remember that he gets rid of a lot of his clothes and stops singing I think because he feels guilty because he wanted to go watch the Sing-Along Sound of Music instead of Friday Night Dinner and Burt said he was disappointed in him and that's the last thing he ever said to Kurt so he wants to forget that. Something along those lines. But I know that Blaine sort of helps Kurt get the New Directions back in his life and stuff as well and that Kurt's Grandmother isn't a mean person either and that she does love him.

two Kurt adopted stories!

First time posting! Sorry if my tags are wrong :(

So I've been looking everywhere for them, but I cannot seem to find them on live journal or fanfiction.net :(

1)  It's Artie's family who takes Kurt in, and I think they were still kids, well not that old anyway. #FOUND

2) This was a fic where all the glee kids were adopted by Will, and Kurt was the new kid who was adopted. #FOUND

Oh, and if you have any fics where Kurt is adopted/Placed in a family, could you please link them too?

thank you :D

Dom!Kurt and Sub!Blaine fic

It is set in a sub, dom universe. And Blaine is Kurt's teacher at Dalton, I think that it is if you are a Dom your sub's name apperes on your right hand and vice versa for the subs. I also know at one point Blaine subbed (hehe no pun intended) for Kurt's health class and Sebastian was talking bad about subs and Kurt defended Blaine, also at one point I'm not sure but Kurt commanded Blaine during class.

Specific search - Kurt ditched at a hotel by the Warblers

I'm looking for a fic (I think it might have been a fill on the angst meme but I could be wrong) where Kurt and the Warblers are going to a hotel for the weekend. Then the Warblers ditch Kurt at the hotel as some sort of mean prank, and the staff expect him to pay for the rooms and everything since he's the only one still there. I think Kurt, panicked and upset, calls Finn.