July 26th, 2012

Slash Gambit

"On My Way" based fics

I was wondering if anyone did a fic based on S03 E14 "On My Way". Where Dave dreams of his future and his partner bringing their son to his work for a game, I was hoping that someone would write a fic where that actually come true (with Kurt), and with Dave looking at his partner saying am so happy right now and Kurt knows exactly what he is talking about.

Nervous!Kurt Klaine Fanfics

I'm looking for Klaine fanfiction where Kurt is written very innocent, shy, nervous and/or awkward. Smut is OK, but I'm really looking for absolutely anything involving that kind of characterization of Kurt. Particularly interested in first time fics (not just smut, but kisses and other firsts would be awesome too). Any length, AU or canon, any rating.

Thanks awesome people. Wonderful community!