July 15th, 2012

GLEE, Blaine

Looking for accidental discovering of Klaine fics


I'm looking for fics where anyone (All/Any New Directions, All/Any Warblers, Burt, Carole etc.) accidently discover Klaine. For example, Wes and David walk into Blaine's dorm room one morning and see them snuggled together or the burst in to see them making out etc.

Thanks in advance!

AU Kurt, Hudmel and domestic fics?

Hi! I was wandering if anyone knew for any fics like With Honor (puckurt, puck has to escort kurt across the bad lands in war torn, post apocalyptic future).

It doesn't have to be puckurt, but just the type that Kurt needs escorting, protecting. Or where he is part of the lower class and catches a prince's eye?

Also, any domestic Kurt/someone fics?

Thirdly, Hudmel fics! :D

All bottom Kurt please :)

Thanks in advance for any help!