July 14th, 2012

Kurt getting hurt?

I am 100% in love with What brings us closer together by crazedlunatic and I was wondering if anyone can rec fics like it? Where Kurt get's hurt by someone, and the recovery? With focus on the recovery I mean?

Will take anything and also any pairing. I would like to avoid suicide and self harm.

Thanks for any help :)
  • rnoele

Canni!Blaine and and Regenerate!Kurt

Not sure if that is even the right terminology but I read this fic a long while ago. Blaine is a cannibal and Kurt watches him kill one night. Soon Blaine finds out that Kurt can regenerate and thus the two start to have sex while Blaine "eats" Kurt. 

I know Rachel was involved in the fic in the beginning but is quickly killed off by Blaine. 

Blaine's abusive dad and Klaine Hurt/comfort! Specific fic

I'm looking for a specific klaine fic which I'm pretty sure I read on Fanfiction.net

Blaine's father is abusive and he moves in with Hudmels (either he is kicked out or he runs away, I'm not sure). I can't remember if klaine got together before or after the move in. But after a while Blaine's mother shows up at the house and begs him to come back assuring he's safe so he trusts his Mother and goes back with her.

In a few days Blaine breaks up with Kurt through a phone call saying something along the lines of 'his family coming first'. Kurt is hurt and broken, Finn + ND try to get him to move on. One day they take him to the Lima bean and there he sees Blaine making out with a girl and Kurt gets really mad and is determined to forget Blaine.

There is also this new guy at Mckinley who's interested in Kurt, I think they sort of go out together too. Blaine confronts Kurt in Lima bean saying he doesn't like this 'new guy' and Kurt yell at him and leaves.

Then Kurt attends some sort of a concert at Dalton and instead of Blaine, Wes sings the lead, after the performance Wes get a call and tell Kurt that Blaine is in the Hospital. When the Warblers, Kurt and the other guy get to the hospital, Kurt faints and fall down hitting his head after seeing Blaine. He's really upset and is crying seeing Blaine so hurt. Blaine wakes up but refuse to talk to anyone and ask the Warblers to go home. Kurt then goes in to the room and yell at Blaine for shutting them out, Blaine's throat is bruised due to a choking attempt so he can't speak so instead he writes down on a pad asking if Kurt is okay seeing the bump on his head. Kurt's really confused and then Wes confess that Blaine's Mother played the part for his Father to get him to come home and Blaine only broke up with Kurt because he threatened to kill Kurt if they don't. Wes only kept his mouth shut for so long only because Blaine made him promise not to say anything.

I read this a long time ago but apparently I haven't bookmarked it. I know this is annoyingly long and specific but thanks in advance for any help! Oh, I'm not a native English speaker so please excuse my language mistakes. And I made and account just to look for this fic so I don't have much experience on livejournal or posting here. Please point out If I made any mistake in the process. Thanks again!