July 11th, 2012

Finn/Rachel with surrogate Kurt

I'm looking for a fic where Rachel didn't want to get pregnant, so Kurt agreed to be a surrogate for Finn and Rachel.
Also, any recs where Kurt is a surrogate for someone would be great.
Thanks in advance.


Hi! I'm looking for any fics where Kurt or Blaine is famous or where both of them are. I've read An Accidental Chance, and I really enjoyed it. It could be future fic too.

I'd particularly like recs of any fics with fan/fandom reactions (like An Accidental Chance has) or where the famous one (or both of them) are interviewed and asked about each other something like that.

Thank you.
  • rnoele

Sex Slave/Torture Fic: Blaine and Kurt

This search is a bit more vague, but I remember loving this fic. 

Ok, I can't remember who is the slave and who is the master in this fic. But who ever is the master has a myriad of slaves at his disposal but he likes to torture the other part of the pairing more than the others. 

Some of the tortures I remember being inflicted are needles, burning, and bdsm type elements. Finn was also a key player in this fic and was forced to watch the tortures.

I believe at the end of the fic the master became really compassionate towards the slave. 

I know this is super vague but if you can help out that would be great! Thanks!