July 10th, 2012

looking for recs

hi this is my first time posting so i'm hoping someone will notify me if i am way off base with this search also my shift isn't working so please ignore the lack of capital letters...

basically i'm looking for well written slash fiction it can be any pairing even real person slash (and i do mean any pairing, i've read kurt/puck, kurt/finn, kurt/dave, finn/will, finn/puck, dave/seb, seb/kurt, sam/kurt, cory/chris...) as long as they are:

1. long which means longer than 15k

2. have a happy ending in case they are complete or moving towards one in rare instances when they are not which means no main characters death

3. complete (though i am somewhat flexible on this one if the fic truly wowed you like it happened to me with the holidays by scarletjedi and now am continuosly refreshing her page in hope of a new update)

also i have almost no squicks but prefer my slash to be romantic..i adore the character of dave karofsky so i have a soft spot for any fic with him in it...i also support self-pimping :)

to sum up please rec me your favourite slash fics cause i'm running out of things to read :)
Klaine kiss

Specific search: ND finds bruises on Klaine and get upset

Hello again. I'm searching for a Klaine fic where ND finds bruises on the boys. I know there was a basketball? game and Blaine stripped down to T-shirt and Kurt had to remove his shirt during a partygame? But there are bruises around Kurt's neck and hickeys on Blaine. I remember Finn was going to hurt Blaine protecting Kurt. It turned out the boys had been experimenting with breathplay and bondage etc. It was a shortish one-shot.

Thanks in advance!

General Fics: Blaine forced to dump Kurt

I am looking for general fics in which Blaine is forced to break up with Kurt by the threat of violence, blackmail, etc. I have already read Second Chances (loved it) and To Fix a Heart (cried the whole story), so any fic recs similar to these or ones that are in general about forced Klaine breakups with Blaine as the initiating party are much appreciated! It doesn't matter to me whether they make up at the end or not.

PS: Hope my tags are correct, am using a mobile device