July 6th, 2012

Hurt!Comfort Finchel Search

Hello! I was hoping that someone could help me - I've recently read the addictive http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8112381/1/Helping_the_Helpless and was hoping that someone could help me find something similar to that!

I'd love it if you could find me any fanfics where Finn takes care of Rachel because she's homeless/hurt/attacked - AU is preferable but whatever you can find me would be perfect! 

Many thanks in advance <3


Hello! So, so totally new to the fandom. Was avoiding it for some silly reason. Kept running across Kurt in his 'likes boys' t-shirt (which I thought was awesome) and never connected the two until I surfed across the Born this way performance on youtube. OMG! Toatal fangirl squeeing (embarrasing, since I was at work). So, here I am after surfing through youtube and hunting thru ff.net.

What i am really looking for are fics where people are impressed/blown away/etc. by Kurt's voice. Am I right in thinking a countertenor is a rare thing? Wouldn't it be something really, really special?

So - any fics where the New Directions or the Warblers or Mr. Schuester (who should really know, right?) is all 'wow! you're a countertenor/your voice is amazing' and then whomever is all 'here, have a solo/special audition/etc.'.

Not a fan of Rachel, really loving Burt and the whole family Hummel (sp?) and Finn as a bro. Prefer Klaine, if any. Thanks very, very much.

Fic Recs: Grilled Cheesus - where did Kurt stay/what if Burt had died

I'm looking for two different types of fics:

1. Any fics that deal with where Kurt stayed while his dad was in the hospital. (I've Read Worry About Worrying Tomorrow)

2. What ifs dealing with Burt never waking up from his coma. Where Kurt ends up. (I've read Tip/Tilt)

I've gone through the Burt Hummel tag, but didn't really find anymore than those two.

Hmmm, couldn't see all the tags on my iPad. Will have to edit from my laptop.