July 4th, 2012

Looking for some kurt-centric fics

I'm looking for a few Kurtcentric fics:

1. Fics where Artie (or Bieste or Emma) apologise to Kurt for laughing at him in IAU

2. Fics that are about Kurts rejection in NYADA that don't end with 'well at least i still have Blaine' or something like that

3. Fics that are about how Kurt is never included in the 'bro-things'

I don't know if it's allowed to post this in one post, and i also don't know if my tags are ok. Sorry for that.

General Kurt Fic

Lately I've just started watching glee and Kurt is my favourite character! I just finished half way through season 2 and I wondered how the glee club would react to finding out about either;

1) Kurt and Karofsky's Kiss
2) Karofsky's death threat
3) Karofsky and Kurt's "date" at Breadstix (the one at Valentine's)

So can anyone please find me fics revolving around these topics?
Also I am looking for any Kurt and Brittany fics!!

Thanks in advance to anyone who finds me these fics! 
(P.s. for shippings I prefer either Kurt/Puck or Kurt/Blaine!)

Cooper Raising/Raised Blaine

Are there any fics out there where Cooper raised Blaine or where Blaine's parents kicked him out and now he's living with Cooper? Basically, fics where Cooper is Blaine's guardian. 

Preferably Klaine or gen.