June 30th, 2012

  • dmhgbz

Looking for specific fic - asexual Kurt

I'm looking for a fic where Kurt comes out to Blaine as asexual. Blaine is very accepting and says something along the lines of "I've done pretty well with my right hand for seventeen years now." I'm pretty sure it was on lj, and it was a one-shot. Thank you!

Manly Blaine recs

I'm looking for any recs of Blaine just being all manly and yummy :) They can be set in canon with just teenager Blaine being muscled or manly in any way, or if you have any hidden under your hat I would also love manly professions - things like fireman or farmer etc - particularly the lesser known ones. I loved Where There's Smoke but it would be nice to see some of those other fics that sometimes slip between the cracks :)

So yes, anything and everything manly would be appreciated, my only other request is that is be Klaine! Thank you so much in advance! :D

happy blaine

skank!kurt/Blaine, mention of past Seblaine

I've recently read a fic and I just for the life of me can't find where. I think it was part of the skank!kurt trend (though I'm not sure). But what I'm sure of is that the reason Blaine is not a virgin is that he stayed at Dalton longer and went to a gay bar with Sebastian, got drunk and he took advantage of him.

And because Sebastian didn't want a relationship and is prone to bragging, Blaine transferred to McKinley where he met Kurt.

Sound familiar for anyone?