June 26th, 2012

Two Different Recs

Hi! I am looking for two different topics for recs.

1. Any fics where Kurt/Chris sings a MIKA song. Any pairing are fine, though I prefer Klaine. It can be any song, or a fic where it is mentioned that Kurt/Chris is a fan of Mika, I'm not too picky.

2. Any fics that focus on Kurt or Chris recovering from an injury. Again, any paring is fine, though I prefer Klaine. It can be any type of injury, any length fic, and any cause of injury.

Bonus Points for Hudmels, New Directions/Glee Cast, and Klaine.

Thanks a bunch!

Looking for Klaine Were fic

I'm looking for a specific fic from ff.net, but it might be posted in other places. The fic has different arcs, the first one was complete a while ago and she started on part two.

Kurt is bit by a werewolf in the park and when he wakes up he's in a hospital tied to the bed and Blaine's father is telling him that he's a werewolf now. But they're really shocked that Kurt is an Omega wolf because infected were's never are. Blaine takes Kurt under his wing and eventually he tries to develop a relationship with him but Blaine's father forbids it to keep Blaine safe.

I know that Kurt had a room mate that called him a bitch and picked on him for being an Omega. And Blaine had at least two older brothers who are much bigger and stronger than him. I think one is named Nathanial. His mother is short and blond.

It may be in the second fic but I know they go to a big pack meet and Kurt meets a gay Russian wolf that wants to mate with him but Blaine and his family are against it because the Russian guy would probably treat Kurt like a pet.
Fan Mage

Kurt quits the warblers

Hi! I don't remember much about the story, just that Kurt was planning on quitting the warblers. I think the storyy was on ff.net, but I'm not 100% sure. I would be grateful for any and all stories where Kurt decides to quit the warblers. Thank you very much!!
Sebastian Smythe, Grant Gustin

Successful/Happy Kurt

I'm looking for two things:

1. Any future!fics with either Broadway!kurt or fashiondesigner!kurt, preferably him being really successful at it.  Would prefer it to be Klaine, but that's not necessary.

2. Fics featuring Kurt being happy.  Maybe because he's so in love with Blaine, or because he got a solo.  Just anything about him being happy.  I just read a horribly depressing Klaine fic and I need some happiness.