June 20th, 2012


Klaine angst fic written during Season Two

Hello! I'm creating a list for a friend of mine with all my favorite Klaine fics and am looking for one I read about a year ago. It was written during the second season and was a future!fic. Kurt and Blaine were an established couple during Blaine's senior year of high school, but they broke up when he went to college.

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Please help me out if you can! Thank you!

Klaine, Soulmates across time

Any stories that are similar to this story. It brought up a memory of a story that I'm fairly sure I read on FF.Net a long time ago. I remember reading about Kurt and Blaine during a time when Vesuvius erupted in the first century AD. If  anyone can help I will be grateful.

Note: never mind. I found it guys. Lifetimes