June 15th, 2012


kurt-based webcomic, psychological issues?

so, my googlechrome didn't save my tabs like it was supposed to, and i lost a webcomic i dearly wanted to follow. problem is, i don't remember much about it. i remember it was definitely on tumblr, and that it was focused on kurt, who had mental problems (not sure what kind; i think he was in an institution, and the comics were going to do flashbacks about him getting there?). there were only a few pages done at the time. i know this is a long shot, but i'm hoping someone knows what i'm talking about (fingers crossed).

(ps: there's no mental illness tag, so i went with disability and illness/injury. hope that works)

Kurt/Other; soulmate!verse; Dom/sub!verse

Hi. With the rash of soulmate and Dom/sub fills on the kink meme lately, I was wondering if there are any complete stories that involve either of these two verses.

I like the soulmate verses where people have their soulmate's name somehow inscribed on their body.

The Dom/sub verses don't have to have a specific "you end up with a person". I just like the idea that everyone is marked as either.

Any Kurt pairing is okay, preferably, Blaine, Dave, Seb or Puck.

Also, PLEASE PLEASE, don't rec WIPS. I've had my heart broken by unfinished WIPS too many times.


Kurt Has Fans or S3 Finale Recs (Kurt Centric)

I'm looking for one where Kurt meets fans of his cheerleading days from the time he was in the Cheerios.

Found: Mytay's Fall Down from the Sky

Also, in light of S3 finale any where Kurt works as mechanic instead of going to NYC.
*I'm still looking for these. If there isn't one I'll be forced to write it myself - never a good thing. Save me from having yet another WIP to work on. PLEASE

Movie Remakes?

I was wondering if anyone knew of any Klaine Fics based on Titanic,Moulin Rouge or The Notebook,I've already read the amazing fic "Never An Absolution"

(Also will accept any fics based on any Schmoopy movies like that)  :)

~Thanks in Advance Everyone!