June 12th, 2012

Kurt Mpreg

I really want a fic where Kurt finds out he is pregnant and decides to raise the baby by himself. I don't care if he ends up with the other father or not, and any pairing is fine. I would like for him to be in high school, but I wouldn't mind future fics.

I would also like a fic where Kurt breaks up with Blaine because he's an idiot (no cheating, please) and Blaine has to win him back! Thanks :)

Hurt/Comfort Blaine storys

Hey I'm looking for any good 
Blaine Rape 
Blaine Abuse
Blaine Bullied 
Blaine kicked out
Blaine and Finn fighting
And I know this isnt a hurt comfort  but any stories where Blaine is Tony Starks son
 If you know any please let me know I'm in the mood to read these kind of stories lately thank you XD