June 11th, 2012

Mad Hatter - Jackson

Hummel/Hudson Coming together.

I dont know why but I want to read some family drama fics. So could anyone recommend some fics that have the Hummel/Hudson family coming together. Some Kurt and Carol bonding would be great. Also anywhere Kurt is kinda treated like 'daddy's little girl'.

Thanks in advance.

Blaine is kicked out for being gay

Hey I am looking for a fanfic where Blaine's dad find out he is gay and makes him brake up with kurt and then kicks him out so he is living in his car and santana finds out what is going on and they try to tell kurt but he doesnt believe them please an some one help me find it :D

Where Kurt is a theatre star and Blaine is a prostitute

I am looking for a story where Kurt is a theatre star and he sees Blaine hanging around the theatre and then security tells Blaine to go away. Later that night Kurt sees Blaine selling himself on the street and buys him just because he is worried about him and want's to be his friend.

This is the first time i post something here so i hope this is okay :)