June 9th, 2012

Cue headless chicken.

Looking for a Klaine Photoshoot fic.

I read this ages ago, and I just can't find it again. A girl with a Photography Major approaches Kurt and Blaine in a coffee shop, I think, and asks them to model for her, for an exhibition.

There's a part in it where Kurt takes off his shirt and Blaine sees the bruises from bullying, and kisses his shoulder. Burt comments on this picture at the exhibition. I also remember him asking Blaine if it was really wise for him to do full nude shots somewhere in the fic. They're also all kind of shocked at a picture of Kurt's back with a lot of bruises.

It was pretty fluffy overall, nothing really sexual or angsty about it. I would love if someone could find it for me.

Edit: FOUND! In comments.

sleepwalking fic?

I'm hunting for a CrissColfer fic in which Chris sleepwalked onto his hotel balcony and woke up while he was climbing over the railing. He woke up Darren because he was so freaked out, and Darren made him sleep in his bed for the rest of the night. I think it was while they were on tour, and it may have been part of a series; I'm about 99% sure it at least ended in romantic crisscolfer, but it's possible that it didn't. Anybody know it?

Specific fic search: Klaine

I've only read part of this fic but I can't find it anymore and I really want to read the rest. I'm almost sure that it was a glee kink meme fill but I think I read it on tumblr. In it Kurt realizes that Blaine has a really big dick and I remember Blaine thinking he was average because it's about the same size he sees in porn. I think he even measured it and it was a little more than 10 inches.

Some additional details: Kurt is not a size queen in this, he's actually kind of nervous about Blaine's size as well as a bit insecure about his own.

Anyway, that's all I remember.

Thanks in advance!

Klaine break up!

Hey guys, there's a Klaine break up fanart that the awesomeness that is yu-oka, and I was wondering if anyone has a fic that reminds you of it? Recs where Blaine breaks up with Kurt basically. The focus is more on the Kurt crying over his phone part... Gimme fics with Blaine being a jerk, friends being protective, anything, but I don't want the break up to be Kurt's fault in the way cheating would be his fault! Otherwise, anything.