May 24th, 2012


Missing/Deleted fic search: Bodyswap Finn and Quinn

The story was on archiveofourown, and I'm 99% certain that it was either called "Assured of Certain Certainties" or "Assured of Certain Uncertainties". I don't remember who the author is, so I can't contact them myself. I've already done an internet search, and have come up with nothing. 

It was epically long, and incomplete. The basic plotline was as follows:

Collapse )

Looking for klaine fic

I'm looking for a klaine fic. Kurt, Blaine and Rachel all get into the same college. I think Blaine and Rachel are studying acting or performing or something like that and Kurt is studying fashion/journalism combo. Kurt and Blaine live together in a dorm. Can anyone remember anything like this?
Thank you!