May 22nd, 2012

Specific Klaine College AU First Meeting Fic

Hi guys I'm looking for a KIaine fic that I know I read on a while ago. It was an AU set during college where Kurt is heading to class or something and jumps from a ledge(not like a high one but like one at the top of a walkway or something over another walkway if that makes sense) or he's walking and Blaine jumps from a ledge and they bump into each other. Blaine I think is listening to his iPod and the song on it catches Kurt's attention. I'm pretty sure they go for coffee and things sort of go from there. Then near the end either I think Blaine is proposing to Kurt or giving a speech somewhere he admits that they day him and Kurt met he was planning to commit suicide but then he didn't because of Kurt. Anyways thank you for the help in advance! C

If Somebody Never Existed Fic Search.

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for any fanfiction that shows what it would be like if a certain character never existed.
It can be of any genre and pairing, but preferably gen, kurtofsky, focusing on Kurt and no Klaine.

I have already read Lady Chronic's 5 Things That Could Have Happen If Mr Schuster  and MotherGoddam's It's a Wonderful Life Without Finn Hudson.

Thank you.

Happy/shining/thriving Kurt fics

I’m feeling a bit tearful so right now I need happy Kurt recs. Fics where kurt thrives and makes it to the stop and how nothing can top him. I don’t care how angsty, how heartbreaking (as long as Kurt doesn’t die), how miserable kurt is in the beginning as long as Kurt wins in the end, shines like no other…. I also wouldn’t mind if some of these fics had some Rachel Berry bashing in them, no matter how minimal the bashing is, please. Slash or gen fics welcome. I have read everything by gleefulmusings and Icequeenria.