May 20th, 2012

Alcoholic Kurt at Dalton

Looking for a fic in which Kurt starts to have a drinking problem while still at McKinley. He ends up failing his classes and Burt makes him transfer to Dalton. He's still drinking while at Dalton, and there's a scene where Blaine dumps vodka out of Kurt's water bottle and makes a scene in a hallway? I think Finn may know that Kurt is drinking too. It's either Klaine or pre-Klaine, and at the end Kurt tells Burt, who initially thinks that Kurt is joking.
ETA- I think at the end, or maybe in a sequel Kurt goes to AA and gets a new chip.

ETA: Found by anon:

Thank you so much!

  • bery26

Long complete Kurtofsky fics

Can I get some recs for awesome long complete Kurtofsky fics?

I've been having trouble finding those, I guess I haven't been looking in the right places..

What I want and dont want:
-Can be romantic, or friendship, or whatever as long as they are the central characters
-Happy endings are a must, they can have all types of angst in between as long as there is a happy ending
-No crack
-No Kurt hating or blaming (especially if it is a story close to canon)

The rest it can be whatever you have: AU, following canon, magical elements, future-fics, any rating whatsoever, any warning as long as it's neither main character dies (cause that would kill the happy ending request), it can hate any character that it's not Kurt or Dave. I just want length and good writing.