May 19th, 2012

Sam + Rory are both attacked after a night out

so I remember reading this fic a while back, and it was the kind of angst that made you want to bury yourself in a hole for a little way. Being the kind of person I am, I would like to reread it. 

The plot was this: Sam and Rory have gone out somewhere, idk. Anyway, their car breaks down. Sam wants to phone for help I think but Rory says they should walk for a little while. So they, and they end up getting attacked by several men. Sam is knocked out, and then the men rape Rory. Then they're found by a couple. 

It was a a really good story, and I wanted to save for days when I need super angsty fics. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Looking for Kurt/Puck, Kurt/Finn or Kurt-Centric stories!

I'm pretty much new to this journal, but I thought it'd be an awesome way to find what I'm looking for! I'm not looking for any specific story or author... I would just like any or all Kurt/Puck stories or Kurt/Finn stories.. I'd like for them to be long. No one-shots please. Or any Kurt-Centric story would be fine as well. I'm also kind of craving any stories that have Blaine as a complete asshat && Kurt leaves him. I'm not too fond of that hobbit, haha. All the stories I've found with asshole!Blaine are way to short or just not complete. So help please? Thanks!
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Klaine Future!fic - specific search

Hi there guys! First time posting here, and I'm looking for a future!Klaine story. Blaine is a teacher and is looking for a job but having a hard time finding one (I can't remember why). Anyway, he and Kurt get married, but it's a small ceremony for some reason or the other (I think maybe Burt died and Kurt didn't want to see Blaine's dad there but not his own or something like that?). Like, small enough to the point where I think it may have only been them. Anyway, a couple years down the line, Blaine's mom has them come back home and she throws this big party and the old Glee club comes and it's really adorable. I know there's lots of angst with Blaine and his dad because his dad moved to Florida or something and doesn't come to the party? Anyway, Blaine gets a job offer at the very end, and there's lots of Klaine angst.

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows what I'm talking about!


Hey everyone!!

I'm looking for a story where Kurt is some sort of magic creature and Blaine, Jeff, and Nick are his dragons. Wes and David are in the fic somehow, as are Rachel and Mercedes and Pavarotti. Kurt's mom bound his powers when he was a baby so he didn't know, but Blaine, Jeff, and Nick have been searching for him. And it was sort of an almost foursome type relationship. Sorry if this makes no sense. Thanks in advance for all of your help!
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Kurt/Blaine/Sebastian - Dom/Sub, First Punishment

I am looking for a fic I believe a ran into a couple months ago. In this fic, it starts out that Kurt and Blaine are in a dom/sub relationship with sub-Kurt and dom-Blaine. Eventually, however, Blaine decides that he wants to bring another dom into the relationship -- Sebastian. At first, Kurt simply tries to deal with the addition of Sebastian, steering clear of him as much as possible because Sebastian often has a biting remark to send his way. Unfortunately for Kurt, there comes a day where he is left with Sebastian, all alone, because Blaine has to work late or something. In that time frame, Kurt and Sebastian sort of warm up to each other; nothing drastic, but they are civil to one another. As the fic goes on, Kurt does/says something that makes Sebastian decide he needs to punish him for, which he does, in the form of a spanking. The only problem with this is, when Blaine finds out, he freaks out at Sebastian because he himself has never punished Kurt, even though he has been his dom. In fact, he reveals that Kurt has never been punished before...ever. 

I would really appreciate the help if someone happens to know what fic I am looking for and can point me in the right direction. Thanks!!
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Glee crossovers

I've gotten into a 'really love crossovers'... done properly that is. Kurt have to be either the main or at least an important part of the story... or mentioned... 

Transformers/Glee - There are some potential here.. and I'd love it if any were known:D (miggy ... its joyful not miggy - not that the first one is not an amazing author as well....- one of the lj drabbles has Kurt has a mechanic)

Glee + Loki (or at least from that world - I know Avengers, Thor + maybe others has the character... which is what is important). I've read those correctly tagged on AO3 (that I've found that is...) but would live to read more. I've read some of Tigriswolf's stories on AO3... so would love more. 

... Help? and really - THANKS...
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2 Puckleberry fics - (1) friends with benefits and (2) break up pre-Puck stealing the ATM

The first one that I'm looking for starts out with Rachel climbing into Puck's window and asking him to make her forget.  She'd seen Finn with Quinn.  They start a friends with benefits relationship, both unaware that the the other has feelings for them.  Rachel gets pregnant because she assumed that Puck knew what he was doing and that she didn't need to do anything to prevent it.  I remember one conversation Rachel had with Tina, Mercedes and Kurt about how losing your virginity hurts, she hadn't meant to say it, but they'd been talking about it before she showed up and she let it slip that it hurts like hell (I don't think those are her words, but that's close.  Quinn falls down the stairs and loses her baby, which breaks baby-gate open.

First one found by sundaysalvatio! Thanks for finding it for me! It's completed and can be found here

The second one I don' remember much about, but I do remember that they dated for a while and then he broke up with her after finding out that his sister needed surgery.  He steals the ATM and goes to juvie, while Rachel dates Finn (limited to just a few kisses, which makes Finn mad, since Rachel and Puck likely had sex given how long they'd been going out - they had, but I don't think Finn really knew that).  I part I really remember is Rachel trying to get people to leave Kurt alone, by getting all the girls with boyfriends to get their boyfriends to beat the guy who's bothering Kurt up (I think its David Karofsky).  This is after Puck gets out of juvie and she doesn't want him to get in trouble for helping (she's still dating Finn, anyway, but that's why the boys lose, b/c Puck doesn't help and Finn refused to help).  After that, she breaks up with Finn, but I can't remember if that was the reason or not.  Later, the Glee kids (minus Kurt, who's been transferred to Dalton) go to Sectionals (I think) and Rachel ends up seeing Kurt and talking to him.  He wants to know about the gossip about her and Puck (they aren't back together yet) and she mentions that it's to her lady parts regret that they aren't together again, since she misses sex.  They have a conversation about what sex is like when you care about the person and Blaine shows up.  Kurt wonders why they never became friends before now.  That's all I can remember about that one.  And I lied when I said that I didn't remember that much about it :)

I think both of them are on I can't remember if they are completed or WIPs, but I think the first is complete, and the second is a WIP.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

I think I got all the tags, but sorry if I didn't 
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Blaine has scars


I'm looking for fics where Blaine has scars (maybe on his legs or chest) from past bullying or self-harm and has been hiding them from either Kurt, the New Directions or the Warblers. I've seen some stories in the past where the New Directions throw a pool party and Blaine is invited but won't take off his shirt.

Thank you so much in advance, I've been looking for these kinds of stories for ever!


Kurt/Blaine - sharing a room at Dalton


I'm looking for a story I read a while ago where Kurt is at Dalton and rooming with Blaine. All is fine for the first week or so, but then Blaine starts masturbating at night when he thinks Kurt is asleep, but Kurt hears every second of it. This happens every night, and Kurt gets more and more sexually frustrated, until Blaine walks in on him masturbating one day. Kurt is horrified, but later that night he sees Blaine touching himself while watching Kurt and then sex ensues.

Sorry for the not great summary, but hopefully one of you lovely folks will be able to recognise this fic :)

Thank you!