May 18th, 2012

Kurt/Blaine AU where they read books on the roof between their houses

I'm searching for an AU. In it Kurt reads on the overhang outside of his window and Blaine lives across the street or alley and reads on his overhang. They start to read together and they fall for each other. I think it was a one-shot and relatively short. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Kurt has online identity

Hi! I'm hoping some of you can help me find stories where Kurt, either before the show, or during it, has an online life. Either he finds fandom or tumblr or twitter, and he has an entire online support system. Maybe he finds it through a gay youth site, or maybe it has nothing to do with GLBT issues and it's a fashion blog/fashion community he's part of. I'd like really like to read a story where online stuff influences him.