May 15th, 2012

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Kurt/Puck, jealous!Puck tackles Finn

Hey all! :) This is my first post here, love this comm already.

I'm looking for the name of a specific fic I read ages ago, so it's set in season 1 or 2. Puck tackles Finn on the school grounds (not on the football field, Finn's just walking along somewhere) because he thinks Finn's with Kurt and he's jealous, though he's totally wrong and Finn's not. Puck starts punching him and shouting about how Finn always gets everything Puck wants. Then Finn starts fighting back and they get really rough. That's all I remember. And maybe Puck was just thinking that stuff, and not saying it, eek.

Thank you!

Puck/Kurt with past Sam/Kurt

Hi I'm looking for a series of fics that were written where Sam and Kurt were married and have a young around a year old son named Ben and Sam dies of cancer before the story has started and Puck and Kurt have been sleeping together for a while. It began as sort of a grief thing for Kurt but Puck has feelings for him and it shows the relationship growing into something real. I know it was a verse of some kind something possibly having to do with Building Blocks was a part of the title. Anyways that's about as much as I can remember at the moment. Thanks for the help in advance everybody!

kurt packs a 'just in case' bag before coming out to burt

does anyone know about this fic? it was pretty short, and the main thing that happened was kurt coming out, and burt somehow discovering that kurt had packed a bag just in case burt's reaction wasn't good and he had to make a quick getaway (i think burt also accused kurt of stereotyping burt with his actions, maybe?).

sound familiar?

Klaine- Housewife/Househusband fantasy, Crossdressing

I'm looking for a specific fic. I THINK it was a WIP when I last read it but I'm not sure if it's been compleated or not.

I remember near the begining Blaine is thinking about his grandparents and how his grandfather would romance his grandmother at home (like dinner and waltzing etc) then he would 'exert his husbandly rights (I remember Blaine remember always being embaresed when his grandfather would grin at him as he said that.)

Kurt somehow finds out that Blaine sort of fantisizes about this and decides to give him that. He crosses dresses and has Blaine's robe and slippers waiting and goes through the whole thing of preparing dinner for him. One part I remember is Kurt stopping because Blaine seems uncomfortable and blaine saying somthing about how he just wants a househusband with Kurt..since Kurt is a guy then they keep going on with the rest of the weekend. I want to say this fic is when they arent't together. Kurt likes Blaine and wants to do this for him to impres him.

Edit: FOUND! it's 'Little Wifey' by hardly-noticble