May 11th, 2012


Will's real feelings about the glee kids

I am looking for a fic that I believe I saw on the glee angst meme and takes place in season one. In it principal Figgins, By Sue's direction, had Will sit in his office and say all the negative things he felt about his glee kids. Only the next day what will said is heard over the intercom for the whole school to hear. I remember puck destroys the spanish room and all of he kids confront Schue about what he said in the hallway. The fic ended on a sort of cliff hanger.


I am looking for a long complete or one that is updated story. Where Kurt gets pregnant with someones baby and the other father does not want anything to do with the him or the baby.  Puck comes into the picture.  the other father gets jealous of Puck maybe. I don't know all I know is that i am looking for a Puck/Kurt story...  may be Kurt get pregnant down the road with Pucks baby too...or sooner you never know...

Klaine, hurt/comfort, tw: sexual abuse (not by Kurt or Blaine)

I've been looking everywhere for a fic (well, series of fics, actually) but can't find it, so I'm really hoping you can help. The premise was that Blaine had somehow ended up as a sex slave for some celebrity - I have a feeling his dad might have sold him, but I could be wrong. He wasn't found for years, by which point Kurt was with (married to?) Karofsky, but Kurt left him to help Blaine recover. The scene I most distinctly remember was one where Blaine ended up hearing Kurt on the radio by chance - I think it might have been a birthday/anniversary and Kurt was talking about Blaine/having a song played for him. I believe that Blaine had also become (involuntarily) addicted to drugs, and I'm pretty sure one of the fics was set in a rehab center, where Kurt was staying with him. Thanks, and hope I got the tags right!
Blaine Anderson, Glee, Fanart

Specific Fic Search

I'm looking for a future fic where Blaine is a lawyer and becomes the leader of the marriage movement. Kurt and his daughter escape from an abusive Karofsky.

Does anyone know which fic I'm talking about?

oh noes

'Soul mate' Kurt/blaine - disbelieving ND boys

In essence Blaine is sitting with the ND boys (Kurt sits on the side doing... something - close enough to listen, but not to be part of the group) and they ask him about his relationship with Kurt. ...(and their own issues with their girlfriends of lack there of) They discuss various arguments (where Kurt comes into the conversation and ends with something like 'it was not really a fight/argument')... and they end with the other teens being a bit disbelieving at Klaine's perfect relationship (rather than their own struggles)... is a lot more of course but... them possibly being soul mate is mentioned at the end of the fic (is not a 'soul mate written on hand' fic). 

Help?? Would REALLY love to read this one again...