May 7th, 2012

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Sick Kurt


First time posting, so sorry for any mistakes :)
I am searching for a fic, where Kurt is sick, and his family are taking care of him, but they have to get him to an ER, because they couldn´t get him to drink or something?

And Blaine came and was very worried, like he came at 6 a.m. and took care of him etc.

I know it´s kinda vague, but I really liked the fic and hopefully someone remembers the right one :))

Thanks :)
Supernatural, Castiel
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Puck/Finn - Rachel or Kurt

I'm a little unsure on the details, but I'm pretty sure it was a story where Finn and Puck ask ether Rachel or Kurt for advice on gay sex.
It was a fill from Glee Kink meme and I know it was a bottom!Puck though and Rachel/Kurt found it really hot.

Also I'm looking for some 3some stories involving Puck mainly, but Puck/Finn is defiantly okay. And not just a kink story, though that's okay, but a full length story please :)

AU-Kurt comes to dalton but no New Directions

I'm looking for a fic. In this fic Kurt never joined New Directions but transfers to Dalton when the bullying became to much. I think Karofsky still harasses him and there's a scene where Kurt is slushied and Tina and Artie see it and Tina goes "at least it wasn't us" and there's another scene where Jeff runs at Kurt to hug him and Kurt freaks out. Also Kurt draws a lot

Thanks in advance for the help.

Found! Link in comments.