May 5th, 2012


Finn/Kurt Protective Finn

Basically I've been on a week long Glee fic binge... reading EVERYTHING I can... (well anything with Kurt in it X_X) 
The fic I'm looking for, I'm pretty sure it ended Finn/Kurt. All I can remember is that it's after Burt and Carol get married, Kurt is attacked (maybe non-con) and Finn gets like super crazy protective. He sleeps in Kurt's bed, barely ever leaves his side. 
I know it's not much to go on, I'm 99% sure it wasn't on ff.n but who really knows!


Kurt auditions for NYADA, gets asked to come back - Found!

I'm looking for a story where Kurt (and possibly Rachel) traveled to audition for NYADA. The auditors give their decisions by calling pairs and giving their result. Kurt doesn't get in, instead he gets a free pass to come back in a few years and give his vocal audition in and he won't have to reapply.

Klaine fic - Sick Kurt

I'm looking for a fic where Blaine is some kind of stock broker in NYC, and he runs into Kurt in a bar and cant' get him out of his head. Kurt is a kind of free spirit who paints - he lives with Santana, who's still madly in love with Brittany, and it turns out Kurt has a brain tumour and is dying because he can't afford treatment. It ends up with Blaine paying for the operation and Kurt eventually recovers.

Help, anyone?

Blaine Hurt/Comfort

Hi! I am looking for any fics where:
-Blaine is raped and Kurt comforts him
-Blaine has panic attacks
-Blaine's dad is abusive

-Blaine is diabetic
-Anything where Blaine is in hospital
-The Hudmels take in Blaine.
I really love Burt/Blaine and Carol/Blaine interaction.
Thank you :)
p.s. Mods, sorry if I get anything wrong, this is my first post

For life

Fic where Quinn has a string tied to her wrist that starts to unravel as she falls in love

I read this AU fic a long time ago and was looking to find it again.
Salient points that I remember:
Quinn and Brittany are sisters and they both have a string tied to either their wrists or hearts and they talk on the phone about how it starts to loosen or unravel as they start to fall in love with Rachel and Santana respectively.
Instead of a string it might be a hole in her chest that got smaller.