April 30th, 2012

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Fanfiction search~Post-Lucy Episode Quinn tells the truth about Lucy fanfic

First, I think this fanfic was on ff.net.
Anyeways, so someone made a fanfic on what they thought SHOULD have happened with the Lucy debacle.  It's a Finn/Quinn (surprisingly I actually liked it, even though I don't like the pairing much). But, Quinn tells him the truth about Lucy, saying she lied earlier. Lucy was actually a cousin or something who committed suicide because she was teased.~
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Puck and his dad stories.

Basically, I want any story that involves Puck and her dad. From his life before his dead left, to if his dad returned, to compering himself to his old man. I honestly don't mind, it can contain abuse, in any shape or form, whether it's his dad doing it, his mum or his dad returning is just the sub-plot.

I would prefer slash, Puck/Kurt or Puck/Finn but am fine with hetro or simple bromance/friendship.

I would prefer sad and angsty.

Also, a Puck/Burt bonding story would be just epic!

*Found :)

Teacher/student Klaine

I'm looking for a fic in which Blaine was a teacher at Dalton and in established relationship with his student Kurt. Kurt witnessed intimacy between Blaine and one of the warblers so he thought Blaine was cheating and tried to go out with another boy. But it turned out the boy was just Blaine's nephew. Blaine was really jealous of the boy trying to separate him and Kurt. Pretty dramatic.

I think that might be on FF...