April 27th, 2012

Crisscolfer Fic!

Hey there!

I'm looking for a specific RPF story that I read a whole back. In it, Chris and Darren were together.

What I remember is Darren was away, and he missed his flight and ended up getting on a later one, but his phone died and no one could contact him. 
When he landed he takes a cab to Chris' apartment and some of the Glee cast is there and Chris is freaking out because the plane that Darren was supposed to be on had gone down and they all thought Darren was on it.

I'm pretty sure this story was part of a 'verse and I'm almost positive that it's on Livejournal, but my google skills have failed.

Any help would be appreciated, THANKS!
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Klaine Mpreg Fic Rec

Hey, so I just finished What Will Be by i.love.ty on FF.net. Could anyone recommend any other fan fictions were Kurt and Blaine break up, but Kurt is pregnant with Blaine's child but never tells him. I'm not the picky on how it ends it can be happy or sad ending I don't really mind.

Thanks in advance.

Hung!Blaine. Kurt tells the girls/guys.

Please can you guys rec me to any fics where Blaine is hung and Kurt either tells the girls or lets it slip to any of the New Directions. I'd especially like fics with him bragging to the girls.

Also, any fics like this, where they don't believe him, so he has to somehow prove that he is telling the truth.

There was this one fic where they were hanging with the guys from Glee and Puck was bragging about his own "package" and Kurt started laughing and saying that Blaine was bigger.

Thank you :)

P.S I think the tags are right, sorry if they're not.
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new - hope i do this corrctly :-)

hey, i'm looking for a fic i read some time back and forgot to book mark it, from what i remember blaine's friend was sold (i think) and his parents promised they would never do thst to him, and they do. Karofsky ens up buying him .... that's all i got to :( sorry its not much to go on. 

i hope i get the tags correct. on adding tags i could only add a few certiain ones and i didnt want to tag the wrong thing :( sorry for being a noob!