April 23rd, 2012

RPF rec.

I don't normally read RPFs, but I have been craving one lately and my last search didn't get any results.

Are there any fics with Chris Colfer being hurt of sick on set and the rest of the crew overreacting or just being very protective of him? I would prefer gen but I can read Criss/Colfer or other pairs as long as it is well written.

Home invasion, Kurt forced to have sex with Mercedes

It's a story which is here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7255115/6/To_the_End

But I was reading it somewhere else and it was longer - on fanfiction.net we have last chapter ending during those men raping Mercedes and there is another place where the Autor is (was?) posting it and last part I've read was in hospital where Mercedes doesn't want any drugs preventing possible pregnancy because she needs first to talk with Kurt - it can be also his baby. I don't know it was updated since that time. Anyone can help me?

AU where Matt and Rachel are siblings and she hooks up with Puck

Its an AU fic where Matt and Rachel are siblings. They are in college and live together. Mike, Finn and Puck all live together and are friends with Matt. Rachel and Puck like each other, but know Matt would be pissed if they got together. Matt goes out of town and asks Puck to watch her for him and they sleep together. They start dating behind his back.

Blaine/Kurt, Hurt!Blaine, Protective!Kurt, Mpreg, Smitten!Kurt, Proposals

It's my first time posting here so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right? 

I just really want to find any stories with

1) Hurt!Blaine (Emotionally/Physically/Suicide/Rape/Verbal/Emotional Abuse/Whatever it is) and Protective!Kurt.

2) Kurt proposing to Blaine instead of the other way round

3) Smitten!Kurt wooing Blaine instead of vice-versa

4) Mpreg where Blaine is the one pregnant

Ill be really grateful to anyone who can rec me any fics!