April 20th, 2012

Looking for a Brittana fic where Finn is Santana's brother and is an outlaw in the west

So in this Fic Santana leaves home to try and find Finn (who is kind of her brother) an out law in the west.The genre of this fic is western. She encounters a brothel that host Rachel and Quinn (who are together) and Tina, the brothel owner is Emma. When she finds Finn he's robbing a bank with Brittany. Also Shelby and Terry are kind of like Finn and Santana's evil aunts and are essentially the bad guys in this story. There was also some awesome art to accompany this fic so if that helps jog anyone's memory. Thanks in advance!

edit: found! It's "what's done in the dark" by losdosmos

basically a brittana fic with sam/santana friendship

okay so if i remember this right it starts off with santana meeting mike and sam at a club and when she gets there she hits on quinn at the bar then leaves with her. santana and sam are roommates. santana is basically a player but then she runs literally runs into brittany at a coffee shop and they meet and fall for each other and she freaks out about her third date with brittany and sam helps her pick an outfit and then love happens and brittany goes home with santana for thanksgiving and then eventually a proposal then at the wedding sam is there with santana and says his wedding present to her is to move out to give the married couple their space.

i hope the tags helped and the description i really have no idea what I'm doing at all!

Kurt Fic

I am looking for a fic that has a scene with Kurt and Burt.  They were driving past a park and Burt pointed out his friends in the park having a picnic.  Kurt wasn't invited.  Can not remember any other details of the fic and it's been making me crazy.

-for some reason, it won't let me add tags...sorry

FOUND!!! Thanks so much for the quick response.

Out Gay Sam, Isolated by guys Kurt

This is a specific search. In this fic Sam comes to Mckinly and is out as gay but is still seen as one of the guys. In one scene near the end Kurt goes to Puck's place to help with the transmission (or something else to do with cars) and sees the guys from ND having a great time with Sam. (I remember tat Kurt makes a comment about them getting matching tattos) In the last scene it's a girl vs boy split up and it somehow is brought up that Kurt makes the boys uncomfortable. This fic is NOT Kurt/Sam. Sam doesn't realize how isolated Kurt is by the guys but they aren't together.

Found! Link in comments. Thanks again to howlofthelost for finding it so fast.