April 17th, 2012

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Looking for PDF version of Klaine Time Traveler's Wife AU, pining!fic recs

I just finished reading (and having my soul crushed by) alishatorn's The Time Traveler's Heart, which includes an author's note at the end that mentions an alternate ending included in the PDF file of the fic. I would very much like to read that alternate ending so I can try and get back some semblance of emotional stability, but the PDF was unfortunately hosted on MegaUpload, so it's obviously unavailable now. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the PDF saved? The author hasn't responded to what seems like several recent comments from other readers asking for alternate file links, so I figured this lovely community would probably be the next best place to check.

Also, on a more general note, any recs for Klaine fics featuring extended UST/pining on one or both sides? It's pretty much my favorite trope, especially in AU settings, and even more especially if it ends with them getting together, and definitely the sort of pick-me-up I could use right about now.

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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future!fic, wedding planner!Kurt and Blaine working at Disney World

Hello, I'm looking for a future!fic where Kurt has just landed a job as a wedding planner at Disney World and then he runs into Blaine who has also started working at Disney World. All I remember is that they ended up in a bar singing Karaoke.

It's a Klaine fic.
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Klaine serial killer/criminal AU

Ok don't ask me why, but I'm totally craving a fic where all the sweet harmlessness of Blaine and Kurt is just a facade and in reality they are criminals, preferably some kind of psychopatic murder couple. And I mean both of them not one party being disturbed, while the other is some perfect little angel, they should both be seriously messed up.

BUT I want their relationship dynamic to remain mainly intact, meaning they are still ridiculously cute together, totally in love etc. just that romance between means cutting up a person instead of going to the cinema.

Eventual Kurt/Blaine, Kurt has two children by Karofsky, who kidnapped Kurt.

The fic I'm looking for is an eventual Kurt/Blaine, where Karofsky kidnaps Kurt and forces him to behave and look like a woman and bear his children. Eventually Kurt finds help and escapes, and Blaine helps him on the road to recovery. Some defining things I remember are that 1) Kurt and his children live in a cabin in the woods, 2) Karofsky forces him to grow his hair long and keep it in a braid, 3) Kurt's children call him 'Mama', and 4) Blaine eventually convinces Kurt to cut his hair and helps him recover. I know I read it in the gleempreg commnuity, but it was ages ago and I really want to reread it. If anyone could find it, I would be eternally grateful!


I've been searching for any dancer!Kurt fics for what feels like ages. I was just wondering if there are any good fics in which Kurt is a dancer. It could be future!fic, AU, whatever, as long as it's slash.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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