April 13th, 2012

Blaine is secretly Harry Freakin' Potter, Starkid, Klaine :)

Hey Guys this is my first post to any journal of this type so hope everythings fine! I am looking for fics in which Blaine was secretly part of/is still part of Starkid before/during his time at Dalton. It is then revealed by any means youtube fluke, visiting Starkids etc. Klaine can either be current or a result of this reveal. I've been looking for these everywhere and I hope they exist!! I always come up short with them :(

Thanks and apologies for my tags in advance :) please feel free to fix mods.

Karofsky/Kurt stories

Hi first time poster:)
Can you please rec me some stories that are long and angsty with happy endings with Karofsky/Kurt as the main focus,especially ones that focus on the aftermath of Karofskys suicide attempt.(Had me in tears watching that episode)
Oh and stories that are set in the future or au is totally cool as well.

Thanks .xx
(Hope i got the tags right mods,let me know if they need to be fixed)

Burt unintentionally - or for "better good" hurts Kurt- recs

Looking for stories, where Burt is treating Kurt unfair, blames him for something boy haven't done or hurts him in any possible way for (in his opinion) the best. I've read for example "Forget me not" and "Forget you not" where Burt after the accident forgets Kurt and treats him as unwlecome stranger (especially the "gay" part of him) or "You can't choose" where he burns Kurt's clothes after discovering he's bullied for being gay.

They may include selfharm, bullying, whatever you want as long as optional rape scenes aren't very numerous and as long it's not rapist!Burt.

Both Kurt&Burt happy ending and Kurt hating Burt while the man feels guilty, please. If you have links to stories where Burt's behaviour doesn't change for the better, please write it next to link, similar stories are too depressing sometimes. Thank you :)

Future fic: Klaine want to adopt a baby.

Klaine wanted to adopt a kid, they found willing and already pregnant teenage girl, took care of her, got a baby, made lots of photos... and suddenly the girl decided to get her baby back. Kurt and Blaine have to give the kid back, they get depressed, especially after the photos of the baby arrived. Finally they adopt little baby of drug addict, with lots of health problems.

Anyone knows what I'm writing about? It was on livejournal, I think.

Thanks! Found by lovesrabbits and gottriplets.

Specific Kurt abuse fic

I tried going over the abuse tag and the rape/noncon tag, but couldn't seem to find this story, though I know I saw it there before. Very frustrating! Sorry if this is buried some where in the tags but I really did look over every one!

I'm looking for a specific fic where Finn gets sexually assaulted by a mechanic that Burt has hired. Everyone is feeling bad for Finn (rightfully so!) but it also turns out that Kurt was getting abused by the same employer continuously. That's it!

Thanks again!