April 7th, 2012

Blaine/Baby Fic

I'm looking for any fics that involve Blaine being a father and having a baby when he is young (can be mpreg or future!fic). Then Kurt coming into the picture and helping out.
Can be vice-versa with Kurt as a father if you know any, I'm not all the bothered.

Thank you!

*Mods, I'm not sure why the tags are not showing, I have tried multiple times and multiple entries and nothing seems to work.

Puck/Kurt - The Internet is for Porn fic

I read a fic with the title like this title, I think... And it's about Puck in the Glee chat box, while Mercedes and Kurt in it, but Kurt's being mistaken for Tina by Puck.

Please answer right away, thanks in advance!

FOUND: http://aggybird.livejournal.com/99505.html

Kurt performing touch a touch a touch me


I am looking for a fic where Kurt performs touch a touch a touch me with Schuester instead of Emma. I think it might of been on one of the memes but I'm not 100% sure. The fics a Will/Kurt pairing. It also happens like in the episode and Britney and Santana watch the whole thing.

thank you