April 6th, 2012

AUs, Kurt-centric?

Hey! I have been craving AUs! Are there any out there that is sorta:

Juvie-centric? (Where Mckinley is the Juvie or a something similar?)
Street Gang Centric
Fast 5 (Car stealing, robbing etc)
Or fics where basically everyone is bad/rebels? Sorts following those themes?

I would love it if all the characters where in it, but it had a Kurt-centric theme! I don't mind what pairing! (Bottom!Kurt would be a bonus though!) Longer the fic, the better!

Thanks in advance guys!
(Hope I did the tags okay)

Sam lives with his older brother.

Hey all,

I'm new to the comm. so if my tags are off, I apologize in advance.

The story I'm looking for is very vague in my head. I can't seem to remember where I read it, or really  any of the details. It was before I really started to like Sam, so I probably just dismissed it.

In this story, Sam lives with his older brother. I don't know why, but possibly his parents died. However, I'll say right now, it is NOT Ms.Perception's A Tale of Two Bros. I know that one.

I think his brother's name may be Dean, and I seem to recall a certain part of the story where Sam's depressed and is going to jump off a bridge, and his brother and either Finn or Puck find him and Sam's sort of "I have nothing!" and his brother's like "What about me!?" and then they end up jumping together, but in a way that his brother keeps Sam safe.

As I write this, it also occurs to me that there may have been some sort of sexual assault.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?
glee finders by debris_k

Quick announcement: two new tags!

Just a quick heads up that I've added two new tags to our ever-growing pile:

- character: Blaine's Dad - Mr Anderson (not to be confused with the Mr Anderson of Matrix fame ;-) )


- pairing: Sebastian/other

This also means that by combining tags you can now also have direct access to Blaine/Sebastian, Finn/Sebastian and Kurt/Sebastian searches.

As usual any and all feedback welcome, here or at the Contact a Mod post.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
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Klaine + Warblers vs New Directions

Could anyone recommend some fics were the Warblers and the New Directions are rivals (doesn't have to be in show choir could be anything) but Blaine and Kurt fall in love anyway. And tension forms between the two sides kinda like Romeo and Juliet.

Thanks in advance.

Unusual Request, Thumb suckling comfort

I came across a cute fic whilst on my travels and it caught my attention, where Blaine had a thing for suckling his thumb, mental images say aww!!!
So that's what I'm looking for, can anyone suggest thumb suckling, pacifier or dare I say it baby bottle fic's  Blaine or Kurt or even the warblers overprotective of either one!

mainly blaine or kurt suckling for comfort..along those ways, can be kurt with finn (not slash) or with blaine with kurt or the warblers involved would be great!
I know it's strange but eh!
Hopefully my tags are right if not apologies in advance!

kurt/blaine - mysterious blaine AU

okay so theres this fic that i read where blaine used to be really popular and dated Santana or something; then i think there was like a holiday or something and when school starts again blaine doesnt talk to anyone but Santana but only a little. And basically something happened with his little sister and his family and him and kurt get paired up for an assignment and he gets blaine to start talking a little more, oh! Also blaine and his sister had a thing about singing "You are my sunshine" whoooo okay Thank you :)

Puck/Kurt Fic Puck takes care of kurt who just got a wax

I’m trying to find a Puck/Kurt fic. Kurt got waxed in a “sensitive area” and puck is being caring and sweet to him while he’s still sore. Puck is just waiting until Kurt is healed enough so he can do perverted things to him lol! I’m almost certain that this was a one-shot but I’m not 100%. I've been looking everywhere! Thanks for your help guys!