April 1st, 2012

Kurt leaves Blaine's house and gets in an accident

The part of the fic that I remember is that Kurt is at Blaine's house, maybe meeting Blaine's family, when he overhears Blaine's uncle saying bad things about him. I think Blaine's uncle was asking Blaine's father if Blaine was actually gay, since Kurt was kinda like a girl.
Kurt begins to leave, but Blaine gets mad at him because they were supposed to duet together for Blaine's family.
Kurt leaves anyway and gets into an accident, Blaine and his father and brother(i think) go after him and find Kurt unconscious in his car.

That's all I remember, anyone know what this fic is?

Blaine Anderson, Darren Criss

Kurt and Blaine future fic helping PFFLAG at McKinley

I remember reading a fic in which Kurt and Blaine are back in Ohio for some reason, and I think they run into Will, who asks them to come to a PFFLAG meeting in McKinley. I think Dave Karofsky was in it too, and I'm pretty sure one of the kids at the meeting was Azimio's (not 100% sure though).
I think it was multi chaptered..
Anyone know what I'm talking about?