March 25th, 2012

a softer klaine
  • jakia

prostitute or stripper!Blaine fics

Anyone have an prostitute or stripper!Blaine fics they'd like to recommend?  Klaine is preferred, but I'll read any others you throw at me.

One in particular that I'm looking for was where Blaine was a stripper in NYC, and he lived meagerly because he gave all his money to Bieste so she could run an art school for kids, and the school is about to get shut down, so he prostitutes himself to Kurt but then regrets it, and Kurt tries to help him.  Anyone have a link to that fic in particular?

Any others are good too, though. :D

(I think I have all the right tags? If i'm missing any, please let me know.)

EDIT: Found!  Grace In Your Heart was exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
  • lianie

Post slushie incident

Hello! I am a lurker but decided to crawl from under my rcok to make a request:

Just recently I read a fic that had a scene that included what happened right after Sebastian threw the slushie to Blaine, like Kurt trying to pry Blaine hands and see the damage, etc. And I was wondering if there are more fics like that. Except with more detail and the more h/c the better. I went through the tags, it took me a while, but I couldn't find anything like that. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

Mods, I don't know about thetags, this stupid ipad won't let me scroll down to see the all.

Kurt watching queer as folk

I apologize in advance if this is too vague. I'm looking for a multi chapter story. In one chapter Kurt is watching queer as folk late at night and he and Sam or Blaine are making sexual comments that can be viewed by everyone. Puck calls them out on it. Btw, if anyone knows a good way to select tags on an iPad please let me know it's almost impossible.


disbelieving fairy/wood nymph!Kurt at Dalton fic

I'm looking for a fic and its driving me crazy that I can't find it

Kurt is part fairy(wood nymph) but he does not know it and he goes to Dalton  and he thinks its all one big joke until Blaine ask him to use his influence on the nurse the nurse was a unicorn and his bird starts talking to him it  had a 2nd part where Blaine takes him home to met the rest of his pack

Help please?

Klaine war fic?

Any fics out there where Kurt and Blaine are soldiers and meet during war? This could be historical AU, or future AU....Whatever. Just where they are soldiers and meet during the war. I prefer if there could be happy ending but I understand with the subject matter this could end up a death fic. Rec away! :)