March 19th, 2012

Klaine temporary magical blindness (specific)

AU set in a world where everyone is born blind, but gains sight when they find their soulmate. First they get black-and-white sight when they meet/fall for the person, and then color vision when they became a couple.
i remember there was a scene where Burt tells Kurt to dial 911 or something because he can no longer see (which Kurt knows means his mother is dead); and also a scene where Kurt is trying to tell his dad that he can see (the day he goes to spy on the warblers and meets Blaine, because he can see almost immediately after meeting Blaine) and he says something about seeing why they named him "Kurt" because he really looks like Kurt from Sound of Music and I think Burt starts crying when he finally realizes that Kurt's found the person he's meant to be with.
Also, Blaine takes longer than Kurt to gain sight and realize he belongs with Kurt (I think Kurt at one point even tells him that he can see and Blaine is stubborn or something)
tos [um halp plz]

Faberry crossover with BTVS; Quinn wishes that Rachel would leave Lima

Hi, I'm searching for a Faberry fic I read ages ago. It's a slight crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Anya is there, and Quinn makes a wish that Rachel would leave Lima, in the most painful way possible, and Anya grants the wish.

Much like in the Buffy wish!verse, Rachel eventually returns to Lima, after having been in foster care almost her whole life, and after running away from an abusive foster home, Shelby takes custody of Rachel. Quinn feels guilty about the wish and all the terrible things that happened to Rachel because of it, and confesses everything to Rachel. Rachel doesn't really believe her, but the two go to Cleveland anyway and get help from Giles who restores them to their original universe, but with their memories of the Wish!verse intact.

The fic was a long, multi-chapter story, and I read it on LJ. I'd appreciate any help finding this fic, because I've been trying and failing to find it for a really long time.

ETA: Found! It's The Wish by sulkygeekff. Thank you!

Searching for a Kurt/Football player-friendship fanfic

I'm searching for a Kurt/Jocks freindship fic. I think I saw it at
Kurt has bruises because of the locker checks from Karofsky and Azimio. Puck sees them and drags Kurt, who is their kicker, to the other football players and shows them the bruises. He expects that they all protect him.
Later, he helps them with school work and all the jocks begin a friendship with Kurt and he, unexpectly, likes them.
I Hope, somebody knows the story.