March 17th, 2012


Fic recs for Klaine with Dark!Blaine

Basically I want any fics where Blaine is a little on the dark side. I don't want him to be abusive towards Kurt though. Any fics where he's dark but loves Kurt is what I'm looking for. Manipulating Kurt is good too as long as he does genuinely care for Kurt even though it's  little twisted.

Thanks in advance!! 

(Hope I did the tags right)
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Blaine's weird dream about Kurtofsky

I'm looking for a weird fic I read months ago. In it Blaine had a dream that Kurt cheated on him with Karofsky, and the dream went on and on, and everyone hated Kurt and then Blaine said something about how he held in his beard for him, and suddenly he grew a beard, ad then all this crazy stuff happened. Then Blaine woke up and called Kurt to tell him about his dream, and Kurt was with Karofsky. Then it turned out that was a dream too.

It was so strange and I couldn't stop laughing (once I realized it was a dream) and I want to show it so my sister, and I can't remember what it's called for the life of me! So if you can help that would be awesome! Thanks!

EDIT: Found!:

Rachel sings My Man

Hey guys! I'm searching for a fic that begins with the boys from Glee plus the Warblers crashing the Glee Club's auditions for the solo at nationals. They decide that there is no way New Direction will lose if Rachel sings My Man. The story ends with the warblers joining the Glee club for a party type thing and they find out Rachel didn't sing at Nationals and one of the members gets upset.

LF 2 Kurt fics - 'death' fic, languages

Hi. Happy St. Patick's Day everybody!!!

The first story is on It's from Finn's POV. He and Rachel are at school and hear some jocks talking about a body (it might have been suicide, but i think was killed) that was found near the school dumpsters. It was 'the gay kid' and both of them think it was Kurt. Finn runs through the hall going into each class trying to find Kurt. Rachel finds him and brings him to Finn who hugs him and wont let go.

The second story I'm looking for is more general theme/type of stories. It's canon that Kurt speaks french as well as english. And some episodes hint that he knows ASL.

So can anybody req me some fics that show Kurt's linguistic abilities? I'll take French, but any stories where Kurt can speak other languages would be awesome. I think there was one that was 5 languages he can speak and 1 he can't. Or stories where Kurt is fluent in ASL, maybe is able to convers with some of the student from the school for the deaf a la season 1.

Basically stories where Kurt speaks in something other than English.

Thanks so muchly :)

thematic search: Blaine angst, Kurt comforting/saving him

I think I've read about six stories in row where Kurt is broken somehow and Blaine swoops in and makes his life better, and while all of those stories were really good, it's left me wanting to see it done the other way around...but I can't seem to find any stories like that. Help!

I want Blaine being broken somehow -- lonely or unhappy or lost or anything like that (except drug use; I have a major drug use squick) -- and I want Kurt stepping in and showing him how to be happy. No Kurt angst, please. The more stable and awesome Kurt is, the better.

I think this theme works best in AUs, but I'm happy to read canon-compliant stuff as well.