March 10th, 2012

Kilaine Age Gap

Hello, I search for a fic (I think of GKM), where Finnraises the profile of Kurt to a website and Blaine(who is older by Kurt) will be called by phone for an appointment. Someone who knows about this story?

Supporting same sex couples, fake dating, and Finn/Sebastian

I am looking for three general types of fics:

1. Fics in which straight characters do something big to show their support for the LGBT community, and the two same sex couples of the glee club. Maybe kissing someone of the same sex, like in Kiss-In by lennoxave, or making an impromptu speech in front of the jocks. Basically, I want anything in which a gleek goes above and beyond to be supportive.

2. Fics in which two characters pretend to date, for whatever reason (though I do not want Santana/Dave). Whether they really end up together or not is unimportant to me. I'd prefer that they be two characters of the same sex, but I'll take whatever there is. 

3. Any Finn/Sebastian? Slash, brotherfics, friendly or otherwise, I wanna see them interacting. I've already read what is over on for them.