March 8th, 2012

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Looking for a puck/kurt fic

I am looking for a certain fic. The Girls of ND are at Kurt's house having a sleep over and the go to a pack at night where Kurt and then Puck appear singing Far longer Than forever, I believe. It turns out the boys were spying somehow on the girls and met them at the park. Any clues as to the story name?

*Found The Power of Disney:
glee finders by debris_k

gentle modly reminder

Just a gentle reminder to our recent posters that our tagging rules haven't changed, and that a properly tagged search probably needs to have one or more tags from each category of tags, namely:

- a category tag (or more, if there are more than one kind of searches in a single post)
- character tag(s), if a character or pairing is searched for
- genre tag(s), if one or more genres or pairings are searched for
- media tag(s), one of these should be added for every kind of fanwork you're searching for, e.g. fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, fanvids, etc.
- pairing tag(s), if there are pairings searched for
and last but not least
- theme tag(s), for all the major themes (read: important plot points) mentioned in your search

Hope this helps clear things up, and helps you fully tag your recent posts! (Before a mod has to go and correct them and tsk-tsk about their state.)

If you have any questions or need any assistance we'd be happy to help! Just don't forget you need to let us know about your problems as we're not mind readers, and no, mentioning in the post 'sorry i cant tag lolz' does not count.

Happy fanwork searching everyone, and to all our members who celebrate it Happy Women's Day!

your mod.
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Blaine's family - homophobia

I'm looking for fics about Blaine's family being homophobic. Not necessarily hateful or abusive (though I will read those fics as well, if you have any), but rather sticking closer to the canon implication that they are uncomfortable with his sexuality and that it's caused tension in the family. I would love fics where his parents (but maybe especially his dad, since that's what's mentioned in canon) try to get him to do "manly" things or keep introducing him to girls his age at dinner parties and things like that. Would also love tension or conflict between Blaine's parents and Kurt because they don't want to accept that he's Blaine's boyfriend.