March 4th, 2012

  • marn13

Gleevengers Kurt/Blaine Fight

Hi I am looking for a Gleevengers fic that I read a while ago and I looked all over the gleevengers livejournal for it with no luck so hopefully you fine people can help me.

Blaine goes to a Warblers reunion without Kurt and gets drunk and Sebastian takes him back to his Hotel and Kurt finds them together and Kurt gets upset and moves out with Tony's help. I am pretty sure that it was a misunderstanding and that they get back together.

If anyone can find this I will be super grateful!
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Specific fic: Blaine transfers to McKinley in mid-season 2 (FOUND)


I'm looking for a specific fic about Blaine transferring to McKinley during season 2. I've tried Googling every which way but haven't been able to find it. I believe it was originally posted before Kurt and Blaine started dating in canon and before Kurt transferred back in 2.18. Here are some relevant specifics I recall:

1. Kurt and Blaine are dating when Kurt transfers back; Blaine either transfers with him at the same time or soon after.

2. Blaine, in a fit of possibly not giving a crap what other people will think or something, decides on his first day there to wear an outfit along the lines of bell-bottom-ish jeans and a favorite pink (?) t-shirt from his previous public school days.

3. Over the course of their first day at McKinley together, Blaine and Kurt discover that when they're walking down the hall together or whatever, no one makes comments or throws slushies or any other type of bullying, but when they are separate, the slushies commence as usual. They figure out that the slushy-throwing kids won't dare to do anything when Kurt and Blaine are together because it will look more obviously homophobic, and someone makes a comment about safety in numbers working their favor this time.

4. I think, at one point, they kiss in an empty classroom. I cannot be sure about that one, though.

Any help is appreciated, as this has been bugging me all weekend.

ETA: found by zen_raven.

It is Reclaimed the Use of My Imagination by cookiedough.

Kurt and Sebastian fight!

Hey guys! I'm looking for a fic where Kurt goes to meet up with Sebastian, I think Kurt thinks that Sebastian is going to apologise for what he did to Blaine, but Seb ends up cornering Kurt and beating him up? The Warblers come and rescue him them... I read it not long ago and I thought I bookmarked it!

Anyways, I am in love with Sebastian right now...good or evil, so could anyone rec me some fics with him in? Anything but Sebastian/Blaine... BONUS for Kurt/Sebastian. I am reading 'Your shadow crosses mine' :P

Thanks in advance guys! :3