February 22nd, 2012

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specific search, klaine + sebastian

Hi! A friend was telling me about a Klaine fic where Sebastian calls Kurt when Klaine are in the middle of sex, and Kurt answers and puts the phone on speakerphone. I want to read it, but neither of us could find it. Anyone know what it is?

Looking for Wes/Kurt Fic and a Harry Potter/Kurt fic and Kurt/strong male Recs

I'm looking for a fic where Santana and possibly Sue go to dalton and judge the Warblers to see which one is dating Kurt or is the best match for him and in the end it was Wes.

FOUND! 'Tickle My Fancy' by gleefulmusings. he has some really great Glee fics, and I highly suggest looking through the rest.

I'm also looking for a fic where Harry Potter and Kurt are dating and Harry is very rich and offers to sponser New Directions and it makes Sue very mad and he ends up sponsering
FOUND!!! The Second one is by AquilusNyx on FFN and it is called In Which Wealth is Wanted

Looking for recs where Kurt is with any strong/dominate/dark/intimidating/powerful/dangerous guy; it could be any characters or Ocs or Crossover character from any genre but scfi.

Thank you for all your help.

Movie Remakes?

Does anyone know where i can find any good Klaine movie remakes,i've been looking everywhere but so far i've only found 3(welcome to Hogwarts,27 suits,and once upon..) and ive been searching for a WHILE,so this is a sort of last attempt.lol :)

2. Any good Nerd!Blaine fics..(i'll take nerd!kurt too,lol)
(I've read Can't take my eyes off of you and Ten cents Blues)
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Kurt traveling

Ok all I know about this story is that Kurt goes visit his grandmother in Europe and comes back much more confident in himself. Burt did not want him to go but he still did. I know he changed his clothes and had his first time there as well. Any help is welcome. Oh yeah and any stories that are similar where Kurt leaves for the summer and comes back confident in himself are welcome as well as long the pairing is not DaveK/Kurt