February 19th, 2012

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Looking for 1 certain story and 2 story types.

1)I am looking for a story (it ay have a sequel) where they are doing a rally/workshop to open minds and accept others. There is a scene where everyone is lined up and the leader asks if anyone is gay/bi/pan, and Kurt, Santana and few other students cross the room, and just as she is about to tell them to go back Schue stops her when he notices Karofsky trembling and very slowly makes his way across the floor before he breaks down. It goes into slash later on in the sequel I think. Any clues? FOUND! (see comments)

2) I am looking for any stories where Kurt just gives ups/ or is being ignore by everyone, even his dad, so he decides to end it all but goes to die at his mom's gave And/Or he is found near death laying on/near his mother's gave. Gen or slash, Kurt centric please. Please and Thank you.

3)Are there any stories where the Glee club sings Loser Like Me to the school? Assembly, or randomly at school? Mall maybe? And the Students reactions, faculty as well. Good or bad do not care. Please and Thank you.

*Mods hope the tags cover everything.
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I dare you..

Hi Gleefinder community! I know posted here a few days ago but my cravings change back and forth so fast its hard to keep track. I was on Gleeangst meme where I read a fanfic in which Blaine had been dared to go out with Kurt.
Kurt doesnt even find out until way later because he changed facebook and Blaine had apparently liked girls all along. Of course Kurt was heart broken.
That is kind of what Im looking for. I want fanfics where Blaine was basically dared or forced into flirting and asking Kurt out but in the end he falls in love. I would really love if Kurt finds out even if it is not necessary.
Bonus if the Warlbers and/or New Directions were involved in someway.
Please help me!
Thank you! (:
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Sebastian-centric fics?

Wondering if there are any good/juicy fics featuring Sebastian as the/a main character? I'd love to read something with a bit of in-depth character study and/or good characterisation. Angst would also be a nice bonus, but I'm willing to read anything.

WIPs are welcome, any ship is welcome (Santana or Blaine is preferred, but Kurt is also fine), hell, even interesting character discussion posts. Please just point me in the right direction. :D

Warblers guide to dating etiquette to new directions

Ok i'm looking for the fix but i haven't ever read it but I say it on live journals page but at the time i just didn't read it but i just thought of it there and would now like to.All I know is that it was the warblers guide to dating etiquette for the new directions and I'm sure the next part is the new direction guide to nation tot he warblers.I think kurt and blaine were together in it but I'm not sure.Any help would be great.

Music teacher blaine to younger children,kurt runs blaine a bubble bath,sexy times happen

Hey again,
Okay I have this fix somewhere but i just can't find it.Ok so Blaine is a music teacher to young children.Kurt and blaine live in New York.Blaine is having a stressful day with the children and some kids tried to slam the piano down on his hands,he rings kurt when he starts to go home and tells him about his bad day and was it mean to give the children homework.Kurt tells him to come straight home after work,he starts to fill blaine a bubble bath with bath bombs he made himself.Blaine comes home and when he gets in the bath he wants Kurt to join him.Kurt rims and sucks blaine off.I just can't find it and it's driving me crazy.Im nearly 100% sure it's a one shot.