February 17th, 2012


Klaine sing 'First Dance'

First time posting, so please tell me if the tags etc. need adjusting :)

I remember this fic that I read over on Fanfiction.Net a couple of months ago. Kurt was as Dalton and he and Blaine were together and together they sang 'First Dance' by Never Shout Never. It was sung at either regionals or sectionals. I know it's not much to go by, but I hope someone can find it for me. I'm pretty sure it was chaptered and the part that I remember is just part of a chapter.

icon, Kurt

Looking for a Klaine, Karofsky/OMC friendship, futurefic

I'm looking for a multi-chapter fic I read ages ago. It starts off with a PFLAG meeting that Kurt starts in order to better educate Karofsky, like he states in 'Born This Way.' Kurt's afraid no one will show up but Blaine is supportive. Dave does show up (grudgingly) , and so do Santana and Brittany, I think.
The PFLAG group continues to meet and Burt comes to a meeting and even Dave's dad, Paul, comes to a one. I can't remember if Dave came out to his dad in one of the meeting or if he just talked about doing it. The story then continues into the future. They all go to college of some sort and Dave keeps in touch with Kurt and tells him about boys he likes/meets. Finally he brings a boy for Kurt and Blaine to meet, but he needs some kind of closure/forgiveness from Kurt before he can really confess his feelings to this new boy. I'm pretty sure Dave becomes a professional football player, and end up kissing the boy he likes after they win a big game, if that helps.

Thanks in advance! (Mods, I hope I did everything correctly! Let me know if I need to fix anything)