February 16th, 2012

  • alaison

Proposal story

I remember very little about it. What I do remember is that there was a show I think Blaine was part of it and he asked Kurt who was in the audience to marry him through a song. What I remember of the song is that it basically ask the fathers permission and Burt was there as well. That is all I remember hopefully someone will find it, oh yeah I am sure it was on ff.net
Haruka, Tactics, Kantaro

Badboy!Blaine or badboy!Kurt recs

Hey Gleefinders!
A while back I was using this rec list on tumblr to find all badboy!Kurt and badboy!Blaine fanfics.
However just today I noticed that the link was broken?
It was a really amazing list and I was wondering if anyone knew where it went, have another badboy rec list, or could please link me to some of those fanfics on that rec list?
PLease and thank you!
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Kurtofsky Fic

Hello, I need some help with a fic.

I barely remember it. I do know it was Kurtofsky and I think Blaine didn't happen. I think Kurt started meeting with Dave so that he could feel better about himself, but I'm not that sure. It was a giant fic, so maybe a BigBang?

What I do remember is the scene of when they decided to have their first time together. Kurt came over (I think Burt gave him the Talk a day before), and Dave is all nicely dressed, and he even cooked them a nice romantic dinner. I remember Kurt told Dave about his Dad giving him the Talk, and mentioned the part when Burt said to do it only with someone he had feelings for. Dave got all sad, but then Kurt said that he wants to do it with Dave.

Then Finn rung the doorbell, because he either followed Kurt or he noticed his car.

I know it's not much, but that's all I remember.

Looking for a Klaine fic set in the Supernatural verse?

Hi! I've been looking for a fic I read a few months back for a couple of weeks now and I'm unable to locate it anywhere! i think the plot was that Kurt and Blaine became hunters straight out of high school and ended up breaking up, but however many years later Blaine discovers Kurt's gone missing after he pursued a new case and he sets off to find him. I remember it being incredibly dark and I believe there was some Castiel thrown in there. I'd be so grateful if someone could help me locate this?


Burt ignores Kurt recs

i'm looking for fics where Burt ignores Kurt or just says something hurtful to him or Burt doesn't realize what he is doing to Kurt.
I would also like to say that I've read all the stories by stacie_xx, tamakito, totalgleekgirl and all the Burt forgets Kurt's birthday fics that have been searched for before. I've also read all the fics by Crawler http://www.fanfiction.net/u/165565/Crawler like her Forget me not and Forget you Not fics. I've also read a fic where Carole want Kurt to go to a boarding school and Burt and Kurt just accept it until the end where Burt says he isn't having it. I've also read Sugar Daddy where older Puck meets Kurt and they end up together. Please no abusive Burt fics and no horror fics or where Burt denies that Kurt is pregnant and the baby ends up deaf.
    Slash, gen, and or angst allowed.