February 13th, 2012

  • steff3

Pro Klaine fic

I want to see Sebastian putting the moves on blaine in front of the group, for example Rachel and Finn and just them seeing what is happening and protecting Kurt. It doesn't have to be the main plot but I would like to see it. Any trope!fics like that around? And Klaine ship all the way! Thanks!
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Looking for a Specific Fic

The fic was Sam/Kurt and kind of short, where Sam didn't know Finn and Kurt were stepbrothers and just thought they were brothers. It follows along the track of Sam falling in love with Kurt while admiring how close he is with Finn, and then fumbles to an end where Sam thought that Kurt had had a crush on his brother. Sam asked something along the lines of whether or not his parents had gotten him mental help before Kurt realized the mistake. I've tried all the places I usually read Glee fanfiction and can't find it, so if anyone recognizes the fic and has a link, please share it?

Rachel and Santana as sisters

I read this a while ago and lost it in the shuffle of my tabs. Does anyone know a story where Rachel is Santana's adopted sister and they are in this alternative universe where they're Hunters, like on Supernatural? There were only two chapters and there didn't seem to be a pairing, or if there was one I forgot it.

Chris Colfer or Kurt Hummel hurt/comfort

I'm looking for all stories where Chris Colfer or Kurt Hummel is injury, or ill, or something bad happened to him.
Please, happy ending!
I like ALL the pairings but my favorite is CrissColfer and Klaine. Even Gen is okay, too.
I'm sorry, my english could sucks but it's not my native language.

This is my first post, so I hope all the tags are okay...
Hope you have many stories to advise me!

Thank you very much!

Blaine Angst During The First Time

Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read on either glee kink meme or glee angst meme. It's right after Blaine and Kurt go to the bar during The First Time, and Blaine walks off. Dave Karofsky (I think) finds him and realizes he's been drugged. Please help!

PS: I think I got all the tags, but let me know if I missed something