February 10th, 2012

Blaine transfers,dad gets new job,can't afford dalton,lives next to rachel

I'm looking for this fiction where Blaine had to transfer to mcklainely as his dad gets a job with less money and they can't afford dalton anymore,he already knows kurt,when he stats at mcklinely he goes to the auditurium where they just finished singing in the rain,and all of new directions are suspicious of him,he ends up living next to rachel,her car won't start one morning and he brings her to school,he starts to like kurt,and kurt starts to believe that he's there to spy on new directions,they take there relationship slowly,and they end up kissing in kurts house

Kurt forced to live with not-so-accepting Burt and his new family

Unfortunately I lost my bookmarks and I can't find this fic (looking for something on angst meme is reaaaally hard :( )
It was called You can't choose, I believe. Divorced Mama Hummel lives far away with Kurt. She gets arrested and Kurt goes to Burt. After bullying incident he burns all Kurt's clothes and doesn't see Karofsky's dad is more accepting then him. Everything changes when he goes to LQBT meeting (sort of). And Kurt was dating Sebastian back at home. Lots of angst and hurt/comf. Please, help me, maybe somebody has a link to this story?